• Michelle Koebke

Washed in Colour

Antonya Raymond.

This is a name you will want to remember!

Nutritionist - Dancer - Coach.

Standing at just 5'2'' and full of toned muscles, this vivacious woman is encouraging healthy choices in clients and strangers simply through her warm nature and encouraging attitude to wellness. It's been super fun (and challenging) to start creating YouTube content for Antonya in 2019, and we are also re-vamping her brand and the look of her social media page.

For example, her instagram will be organized coming up soon in blocks of colour, and full of inspiring quotes and satisfying food pics to keep you on track. In order to fill out her image portfolio we have been doing extra shoots - especially based around single bold colours. This week we completed one of my favourite shoots so far!

All shot in my simple studio bathtub from 9pm to 11:30 at night!

Zafira Khan was our wonderful hair/makeup artist.

Colour baths provided by Whitbey's book store in Whiterock, BC.

Stay tuned for this coming week where we will be shooting content in blue, pink and green palettes! I can't wait!


- Michelle

Diamond's Edge Photography


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