• Michelle Koebke

MUSIC, bursting with spring bliss!


Beckman: Flux (World Premiere)

Mozart:  Piano Concerto No. 21, K.467, C major

Beethoven:   Symphony No.5, op 67, C minor

Conductor: Ken Hsieh

Piano Soloist: Bogdan Dulu

Opening remarks/Assistant conductor: Kemuel Wong


As the cherry blossoms are bursting, and golden light is streaming in the gorgeous venue of Shaughnessy Heights United Church, we can't help but collectively release a sigh of relief: SPRING has sprung!

This radiant concert, put on by the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, was the perfect way to celebrate spring with the familiar music of Mozart, Beethoven, and also a WORLD PREMIERE of Thomas Beckman's "Flux", which kicked off the show in powerful, elegant pulses of sound washing over a full house!

Here are some photo highlights:





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