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Let it SNOW!

As a self-taught (youtube taught! 😂) photoshop addict, photo-manipulation is becoming more exciting and full of possibility each time I open my computer! To be honest, some of my best composites (blended images) have happened by play and pure accident! However, I am getting better and faster at creating what I see in my mind with the tools at my disposal on a weekly basis.

One of the things that I think makes a composite stand out are elements of fore-ground and background, with the subject sandwiched in between. I have noticed the easiest way to layer something in the foreground is with snow, grass, or fog. It can even cover up messy parts that might not have been cut out so exactly.

Last September, I purchased a set of snow overlays from a photographer online (I had no real snow to photograph that time of year) and really enjoyed using them.

This is the piece that was created:

Winter bliss © Diamond's Edge Photography

Many people find it surprising that the original "Winter Bliss" photo above was actually captured with the model just against a plain grey wall! The forest and snow was added later. ☺️

Here is another example where snow was added later to give a nice effect (but save my actual camera from the elements of nature!) Because there was actually snow on the tree already, this just adds to the overall look. An element of blur on the hair also adds movement.

Lastly here is an additional example, except, I am proud to say that I used my OWN snow overlays for this one!



I knew that overlays they were normally shot on a black background which then disappeared when the blend mode was set to "screen". Therefore, I put a black board on my deck, opened the living room door. and shot away at the patterns with my gear mounted on a tripod. That way I kept it all dry! I then used photoshop to enhance the random patterns and darken the black background.

I challenge you to make your own stock for photography, but if you'd like to try out these snow overlays for yourself they will be absolutely free for a limited time. Please just leave me a comment below or give me a call: 1.778.985.7344 and I will send you the dropbox link directly! Excited to see what you can create too!

- Michelle

Diamond's Edge Photography


Capturing snow! ISO 320 f2.8 SS 1/200

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