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3, 2, 1... and GO!

For those that know I am a Taurus, they know I LOVE a good challenge, haha. Today was a challenge to top challenges, and an incredible all around day!

Theme: "Reflection" © diamondsedgephotography Model: Lexi

Five professional photographers met downtown and had 15 minutes (😱!!!) to photograph the five rotating models one at a time, according to a theme which was revealed right before each round.


1) Vancouver

2) Reflection

3) Action

4) Emotion

5) Symmetry

Theme: "Vancouver" © diamondsedgephotography Model: Kim

After all the shooting we went back to a lovely location close-by and then had just twenty-five minutes (😱!!!) to cull and edit a single photo from each set.

I finished with a triumphant 90 seconds to go, and sweat on my brow! ⌛️ My gut was churning like I was writing a college final!

The hardest challenges for me were Vancouver (because I just don't do a lot of Landscape style photography at this point) and also the theme of "symmetry". My model and I just couldn't see a good spot for "symmetry", or come up with a concept, until about 8 minutes were gone on the clock and then... we saw the Golden Arches of McD's glowing back at us! We must say thank you to the line of hungry customers who let us go ahead in line to buy those fries! 😂🍟

Theme: "Symmetry" © diamondsedgephotography Model: HJ

For the "action" theme, we had some great photos of Jamie tossing up her stylish hat, and we thought we'd nailed it, until a crowd of skytrain passengers left the station and this man with a glorious dog walked by. I approached him frantically: "Can we please use your dog for 30 seconds?! I have an idea! There is this competition.. and..." (gesturing at my camera).. He smiled and then nodded. So...there I was, chanting for Jamie to "run towards me!!!... start FURTHER back... now.. look at the dog!!!!" as I lay on the "well-worn" floor the (not very clean) street. We must have looked hilarious!

I am very grateful to say I placed first in the competition 🏆 and also won the highest ranked photo of the day for the category "action" which you can see below. 🥇🤩

Best Overall 🏆 Winning Image of the Day. Challenge Theme: "Action" © diamondsedgephotography Model: Jamie

There were so many wonderful moments and memories from today!

Thank you to the models and fellow photographers. Some truly lovely images were created today! I hope you will check out the models and photographers from today as they post their images on social media.

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@curtislookphotography @diamondsedgephotography (me! 🙋🏻‍♀️)





Looking forward to future competitions.

Please contact Moses of Carpe Diem Studios if you'd like to be part of the next one!

Theme: "Emotion" © diamondsedgephotography Model: Erika


- Michelle

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